Multisensory Learning Center

The Multisensory Learning Center is an educational outreach to learning-differenced children and adults. Begun in 1982, the center is viewed by the church as an extension of our Christian mission in the community. It is managed by the MLC session committee and is housed in the south campus of United Presbyterian Church. The curriculum used by the Center is the Multisensory Teaching Approach (MTA). It is a multisensory, process-oriented curriculum based on the philosophy and techniques of Orton, Gillingham and Alphabetic Phonetics. It encompasses the areas of reading, spelling, cursive handwriting, alphabet/dictionary skills, verbal and non-verbal expression and listening skills.

Students attend the Center one hour a day, four days a week, ten months a year. They are taught one-on-one by a Certified Academic Language Therapist. Therapists are paid by the student’s family. Some scholarships are available. The fund for scholarships comes from donations from church members and civic clubs.